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Film / Livestreaming / Digital Stage Concepts

HOT RATS MEDIA offers high quality livestreamings and recordings in 4k quality that are distinguished by a high musical and artistic sensitivity both in camera work and editing. The company works with a well selected range of very diverse and internationally experienced professionals. Every production is carefully planned to pay justice to the stage performance and its invidual aesthetic expressions.

We work with different settings depending on the needs of the production:

– 4k Canon Cinema Cameras and light-strong lenses, cine lenses by request

– Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6k G2 and cine lenses

– Gimbals and Steadicams

– remote controllable PTZ / Birddog cameras to be able to film in any corner of the stage

– for hybrid events: Skype, Zoom, MS Teams and others

– post-production, color grading

– artistic and catchy trailers for social media, web and cinema to promote your concert/performance/event beforehand


We offer basic setups for small-budget events as well as extended high quality setups for big production. No matter the size of the production, a high quality and sensitive camera work as well as live-editing is the centerpiece of our work. Feel free to contact us for any event you are planning to cover or broadcast.