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Here you can find information about my latest films, film screenings and film shoots. Thank you for your interest in my work!

Since 2003 I work with a broad range of experienced professionals in the creative field of film, theatre, music, exhibitions, photography, visual anthropology, event organization and education. We are an international, diverse team that put respect and professionalism first. Since a couple of years we expand our creative work in the fields of live streamings, online panels, video conferences and develop innovative formats for cross media film productions. We work together with performers, musicians, dancers, directors and event organizers to represent their events and performances online via video live streaming, 360°- cameras, interactive video web applications for live music events.

Photo and Film studio: Lynx Studio Berlin / Sebastian Kiener / www.lynxstudio.berlin
Live Streaming, 360° video, cross media: Ranav Adhikari / www.boiling-head.com 
Music Production / Composing / Film Score / Mastering: Knox Chandler / www.knoxchandler.com
Director and Camera man: Stephan Talnéau / www.stephantalneau.com
Director and camera man: Yannick Spiess / ww.yannickspiess.com
Camera woman and photographer: Eva Radünzel-Kitamura / www.eva-raduenzel.com
Translation and subtitleing: Anja Tachler
Recording Studio, Sound Mixing, speaker, voice recordings: Bela Brauckmann / www.belabrauckmann.com

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